Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks Complete Review

As far as top-of-the-range tree stands and climbing sticks are concerned, Lone Wolf is a brand you can trust. For over 20 years, they have designed and manufactured high-quality hunting accessories. The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks is not an exception.

Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are quick to set up, quick to set down, and easy to use. They are prime products, made compatible with all models of Lone Wolf climbing tree stands.

A great feature of the Lone Wolf climbing sticks is its patented pivoting step and V-bracket. These allow you to have a firm, perfectly latched grip on almost any tree. Even on trees with bad or crooked contours.

For extra convenience, the Lone Wolf climbing sticks are designed with reversible steps. This makes going up and getting back down a breeze for the hunter.

Below, we would list some of the most important features of the Wolf climbing sticks. Read on.

  • It features patented pivoting steps and V-bracket. For your convenience, these brackets can be adjusted to fit the contours of the tree
  • It is suitable for trees with a 4” – 22” diameter
  • It comes with strap extensions
  • It can support hunters as heavy as 350 pounds
  • It has a single tube design
  • It has reversible steps
  • The stick length is 32” inches
  • Each stick weighs 2.5 Pounds
  • It is lightweight
  • It is very sturdy and durable

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Those are some of the most important characteristics of the Lone Wolf climbing sticks. Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with using this product.

Product NameFeaturesProduct Image 
Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks - It has V-Brackets to match the contour of most trees
- It fits 4"-22" tree diameter with strap extensions)
- Up to 350 weight rating
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The pros with these climbing sticks

  1. It has pivoting steps and V-bracket

The contours on some trees make them really difficult to use a climbing stick on. The Lone Wolf climbing sticks solves that problem, all thanks to it’s patented pivoting steps and V-bracket. They allow you mount your stick firmly, even on crooked trees.

  1. It is a strong and durable climbing stick

Having the ability to support as much as 350 pounds in weight is no small feat! This climbing stick is as tough and as sturdy as they come. It is ideal for heavy hunters.

  1. It is easy to use

This climbing stick has a simple design, it’s not complicated at all. You can set it up and take it back down with the greatest of ease. No hassles whatsoever.

It is also very light in weight, and quiet too. Your prey will never get alerted.

  1. It comes with strap extensions

This is a great feature, as it can be helpful when you need a wider reach around the tree.

  1. It has good traction on the steps

This is unlike other brands of tree climbing sticks. This product offers great traction on the surface of it’s steps. This will help prevent accidents during climbing.

It’s also great for moist weather. It will keep your feet firm on the steps.

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The cons with these climbing sticks

  1. It is expensive

This is a great product, no doubt, but it can be a bit on the expensive side.

  1. The steps could cause sores

Some users have complained that using soft sole shoes (muck Boots) can lead to sores on your feet. That’s if you spend a significant amount of time standing on one step.

  1. This climbing stick is a bit too short

Some users have complained that this climbing stick is too short to be effectively used with a trail cam.

Some have complained that it can’t be placed at ground level and reach high in the tree. This limits the pictures the trail cam can take.

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This product may be a bit pricey, but it’s features make up for it. It is strong, sturdy and can last a long time.

Give the Lone Wolf climbing sticks a shot. We recommend!

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