How To Hunt Deer For Beginners: 7 Things You Need To Do

How To Hunt Deer For Beginners

Knowing how to hunt deer for beginners is almost impossible without proper guidance or tips from an experienced deer hunter. Deer hunting can be fun, and making a kill can be thrilling, especially on your first outing.

How to hunt deer for beginners is an appropriate question. This is for novices who would want to make that trip into the woods for the very first time. So, you ask yourself, what beginner steps do I take?

Well, it is advisable to consider a few important factors before you embark on your first hunting trip. You will need to know the kind of weapon to use, as allowed by law. You will also need to make your safety a priority, as hunting is no joke!

Keep in mind that you will have to “honor the kill”; this isn’t fishing where catch and release are practiced. You cannot release a deer you just shot. This means it is your responsibility to butcher it properly and preserve the meat.

In this article, we will be providing you with some helpful tips for your first hunt. These tips would kick-start your hunting career and hopefully make you a successful, first-time hunter.

Read on!

  1. Get Licensed And Certified /How To Hunt Deer For Beginners

You know you can’t just pick up a weapon and hit the woods all guns blazing and all arrows firing. As an aspiring hunter, it is required that you pass a set of safety classes.

Certification and licensing are determined by the state requirements where you choose to hunt. You need to browse through your chosen state’s Department Of Natural Resources website and sign up for a hunter safety course.

Be sure to always take your license with you as you go on a hunt. Be educated on the hunting limits and restrictions of the state you are hunting in. It is very important to know the rules and regulations so you don’t break them.

In America, there are some states known as “draw states”. Draw states are states where hunters are required to specifically state where they plan to hunt.

We recommend you put in for several zones that are connected to each other. This will increase your chances of hunting where you want and at a time of your choosing.

  2. Get Used To Your Equipment

One of the most important tips on how to hunt deer for beginners is to learn your equipment first.

Guns and bows aren’t the only tools you need when you hunt, safety equipment will be needed as well. Tree stands, blind chairs, and safety harnesses are also some of the gear you will need when you head out.

You will need a decent amount of practice with your gun or bow before your first hunt. You have to get used to your weapon’s size and weight. Your handling has to be good too, remember, guns aren’t toys to be played with.

Go to the range a few times, and under the guidance of a supervisor, shoot at targets. Learn how to pull the trigger, look through the scope and focus on a target. Proper handling of a weapon could be the difference between life and death on a hunt.

Besides the weapons, you also have to practice with the tree stand. Learn how to set it up and take it down. For your safety, also learn how to use a safety harness to avoid dangerous falls.

There is no point being in the woods if you can’t use the weapons and gear at your disposal. Remain under the guidance of someone with experience. Learn their uses and handling first before making that trip!

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3. Dress Appropriately

Another important tip on how to hunt deer for beginners is to dress the right way. Remember, a deer hunting trip isn’t a trip to the mall, you’ve got to dress right.

The weather could change anytime so it’s advisable to have the right materials on. If the weather is hot, you could put on something light, and vice versa.

Since you’ll be in the woods, a mixture of green and brown camouflage outfit would be ideal. This will help you remain unseen by your prey. A cameo cap, jackets, pants, and boots would do the trick!

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4. Disguise Your Scent

Tips on how to hunt deer for beginners wouldn’t be complete without talking about hiding your scent. It wouldn’t matter how much camouflage you put on if the wind gives away your scent.

The wind blows in different directions and it carries your scent along. If a deer picks up your scent, the game would be 50% lost, it would become aware of your presence. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Be sure to use sprays that hide your scent. Soap, shampoo and body wash can also be used.

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5. Know The Time Of Day To Hunt

One of the most important tips on how to hunt deer for beginners is knowing what time of day to hunt.

Timing is everything, it has to be right. We suggest you hunt in the last 3 hours of daylight.

It’s common for hunters to see deer around 30 minutes to 1 hour before dark, and 30 minutes after dark. Keep that in mind!

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  1. Bring Necessary Items On The Trip

Hunting could become unpredictable, anything could happen and long hours will be spent. This is why you need to come along with the necessary supplies.

You’ll need enough food and water or sports drink for strength and hydration. You may also need extra ammo, binoculars, a first aid kit, and some extra clothes.

A knife and zip-ties would also be needed to tag your game.

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  1. Entertain Yourself

Yes, another tip on how to hunt deer for beginners that is pretty important is entertainment. It is common to experience downtime during a hunt. The deer could take hours to show up and you or your kids could get bored.

Having a chess board or any other family-friendly game will help keep spirits high as you wait.

Hope these tips on how to hunt deer for beginners will be helpful.

Happy hunting!

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