Hawk Climbing Sticks Helium 1PL Review Of The Year

Hawk Climbing Sticks

To have a successful hunt, you need to come to the woods well prepared. Preparations include having top quality hunting gear at your disposal. Hawk climbing sticks is one of such world-class hunting gear.

As far as moving between your tree stand and the ground is concerned, a quality climbing stick would be precious to your cause. A good climbing stick ensures you get up and down the tree easily and safely. It should sink deep into the tree to maintain sturdiness and prevent falls when climbing.

Every hunter needs one and in this article, we will be reviewing the Hawk Climbing sticks. The Hawk climbing sticks is a world-class brand that has been tested and trusted by many hunters. It has a high customer rating which shows how great a product this is.

As with any product, it is advisable to dig up some information before making your purchase. You have to be sure that what you plan to buy will meet your needs. You also need to have the budget for it.

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So, before we get into the review itself, let’s take a look at the things you will need to consider when buying climbing sticks. They are as follows –

Portability – During a hunt, mobility is very important. Keep in mind that some areas in the woods would have more game than others. This means you have to be ready to move to wherever the action might be.

This is why you should consider the weight and packing of the climbing sticks you want to buy. They should be light, as well as easy to fold up and carry.

They should also be easy to set up and take down. Getting a good game is hard work already, you don’t want climbing sticks that would make things harder do you?

Safety – Your climbing sticks should be able to bite deep into the tree. This is to provide maximum stability for the hunter as they climb up or down. Falls are dangerous and can be caused by loosely mounted climbing sticks. It is your responsibility to remain safe, a strong and sturdy climbing stick is what you need.

Fast packing – You wouldn’t want to spend more time than you need to pack up. Your climbing sticks should be able to pack up quickly and easily.

Sturdiness and durability – Climbing up the sticks mean putting your whole weight on them. This is why they have to be well built and durable.

Climbing sticks with very good construction will last longer over the hunting seasons.

Price – After considering all the qualities you would like your climbing sticks to have, you still have to make the purchase. This is where the price needs to be considered.

It is best to balance price with efficiency and never compromise quality. Don’t buy a substandard climbing stick just because it is too cheap, make sure it’s value for money.

With all the above being considered, let us take a look at the features of the Hawk climbing sticks.

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Hawk climbing sticks are very portable, they are as light as they come. They are actually one of the lightest in the market, weighing just 2.8 pounds.

Being made from aircraft-grade aluminum, its construction is simply world-class. It is designed with dual-sided, traction-grabbing steps that guarantee absolute stability on either side when climbing up or down the tree.

Transportation of the Hawk climbing sticks is also a “piece of cake”. The steps fold up nicely and the sticks are nested closely with the bungee cords. This makes this product extremely easy to carry around.

Setting up the Hawk climbing sticks is easy and almost noiseless. It is designed with exclusive, over-molded tree attachment hooks that do well to keep the noise at a minimum during installation. It would interest you to know that all hawk climbing sticks are tested to TMA standards.

This is a great buy, one that many users have had good things to say about. Let us point out some of the major features of this product that may interest you.

They are as follows –

  • They are very portable – Thanks to its lightweight, aircraft aluminum construction and its streamlined packing design
  • It makes little noise – It’s over-molded attachment hooks help you set up fast and produces very little noise while you’re at it.
  • It has very good step traction – The steps have raised ends that help provide your feet with a solid grip when climbing. Your boots could be wet and muddy, but this product’s non-slip feature has you covered
  • It has a double-sided step design – This makes climbing up and down very easy
  • Effective tree-digger teeth – They bite deep into the tree to provide a safe and stable tree climbing platform

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Other important information about the hawk climbing sticks are –

  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • It has size dimensions of 34.5 x 5.5 x 5.5”
  • It can carry up to 300 pounds weight
  • 10 inches step width
  • Comes with tree straps for attaching to trees

We all know that no product is 100% perfect, even the best of them have their short-comings.

The hawk climbing sticks are no exception. Let us take a look at the pros and cons that come with using this product


  • It is very light
  • It has dual-sided steps so climbing up and down is very easy
  • It has excellent traction on the platform. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling off
  • It is not as expensive as other popular brands, but it is just as effective
  • The teeth dig deep into the tree, providing sturdiness and stability for the climber
  • It can support up to 300 pounds of weight. That’s good news for heavy hunters
  • It is easy to pack up and carry


  • Some customers have complained that the hang-on straps should have been a bit heavier
  • Some first-timers may find it difficult to use because of its unique design. It may take some getting used to
  • The sticks are shorter than other brands. This means you need extra sticks to get to heights that other brands would easily reach
  • Some users have complained that the washers wore off just after half a season’s use

Hawk Climbing Sticks


Overall, the hawk climbing sticks is a very good product. It’s a good value for money too.

Happy hunting!

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