Best Hang On Tree Stand – Top 3 Picks Under $150

Best Hang On Tree Stand

A hunting kit is barely complete if it doesn’t include a hang on tree stand. It is important you find the best hang on tree stand for your next hunting trip. Hang on tree stands offer great vantage points and give you good distance from your prey.

Don’t rush into buying one though; take a moment to outline some factors. There are a few things to consider before you purchase your first (or next) hang on tree stand

Ask yourself these questions –

Are The Seats Comfortable?

During a hunt, you will spend long hours waiting for prey, this means you will do a lot of sitting. A tree stand with an uncomfortable seat is a no no!

Sitting on hard seats for long periods can lead to sores and stiffness. Be advised to buy a tree stand that has padded seats, maybe even with a backrest.

Without comfort, you’ll hardly enjoy your hunt.

Is The Hang On Tree Stand Durable?

When you’re in the market searching for a tree stand, be sure to go for one that’s durable. It should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You wouldn’t want a one-season piece of equipment, would you? Before you make your purchase, check the materials it’s made of.

Hard, steel-framed models are usually the best hang on tree stand types, as far as durability is concerned.

Is The Weight Limit Suitable For Me?

Getting a hang on tree stand that cannot support your body weight could be dangerous. Hinges could snap off and that would lead to a fall.

Knowing the tree stand’s weight capacity before buying is very important. The one you choose should support not just your body weight, but the weight of your gear as well.

What Are Its Safety Measures?

When looking for a hang on tree stand, check that the makers have considered potential dangers.

Buy one with safety measures fully considered.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, your plans to buy a product won’t be complete if you’ve not considered the cost. Going for quality products are important, saving money is too.

The hang on tree stand you buy should create a balance between quality and a fair price.

These hang on tree stands vary in characteristics, but will all serve your hunting needs.

These models are –

  • Millennium Tree Stands M25 Hang-on Tree Stand
  • Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-on Tree Stand
  • Rivers Edge RE556 Big Foot Year Tuff XL Lounger Hang-on Tree Stand

Let’s take a look at them one by one


Product 1 – Millennium Tree Stands M25 Hang-on Tree Stand

If you talk about a decend hang on tree stand, the M25 makes a strong case.

It is lightweight and it’s easy to pack up, it is very quiet during set up. It’s also a great space saver as it can be folded up flat. It also features backpack straps that allow you carry it around with ease.

The Millennium Tree Stand M25 shows great commitment to user safety by including the “SafeLink”. This is a 35-foot safety rope that has a prusik knot and carabiner. It is specifically designed to aid you in climbing up and down the tree stand.

It also features a ComfortMax seat and an integrated footrest. The seats can be folded up to create room for a standing shot.

It has a durable steel construction that ensures it will serve you for many hunting seasons to come. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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  • You can fold the seat to create room for stand up shots
  • It is designed with a SafeLink rope
  • The backpack straps make it easy to carry a. It is also lightweight


  • The seat lifts and falls with no restrictions

Best Hang On Tree Stand


Product 2 – Guide Gear Deluxe

The Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-on Tree Stand features a large foot platform. It’s so spacious, you can stretch your feet out.

It also features a flip-up seat, so you have extra room to stand and shoot. Speaking of standing, its sturdy steel frame construction keeps you balanced all the time. It also ensures it will last a long time.

Its padded armrests provide extra comfort. The frame is also powder coated, helping it to resist rust and corrosion.

Your safety is well considered with this product. It features 2 ratchet straps and FAS safety harness.

It has a weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds and it weighs 33 pounds.

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  • It has a large foot platform
  • It will last long. Thanks to its tough steel construction
  • It includes a safety harness
  • It has waterproof seats.



  • At 33 pounds, this hang on tree stand is pretty heavy
  • Some users have complained that it makes a squeaky noise when trying to stand

Best Hang On Tree Stand


Product 3 – Rivers Edge RE556 Big Foot Year Tuff

The Big Foot RE556 probably has the best grip on trees as far as hang-on tree stands are concerned. If you’re looking to buy a quality tree stand for your next hunting trip, consider this product.

It clings so tight on the tree, that you will feel very balanced and safe. Installation of this unit is also very quiet thanks to its noiseless strap attachment system. This attachment system removes metal to metal contact so those clashing sounds are non-existent.

It is made with high-quality materials, built to last for many hunting seasons. The seats have thicker padding for extra comfort, the foot platform is also very spacious.

It has the ability to support a weight of 300 pounds and it weighs just 14.5 pounds.

This product meets all TMA standards, it’s a good buy!

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  • It is designed with armrests and well-padded seats for improved comfort
  • Attaching it to the tree is really quiet
  • It bites into the tree with aggressive lever action. Giving it excellent stability


With size dimensions of 37.5 x 19 x 22, it is pretty large and will consume extra space


best hanging tree stand


These are our top pick tree stands.

Consider these fantastic products above when searching for a top quality tree stand for your hunting needs.

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