Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand: OL’ Man Grand Climbing Tree Stand

Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand

A climbing tree stand is a must-have for every hunter who means business. Comfort and access to good vantage points are also good reasons to own one as well. If you’re in the market for a high-quality aluminum climbing tree stand, then we recommend the OL’Man Grand Alumalite.

We know every hunter wants a climbing tree stand that offers safety and comfort. We also know that they would need one that’s sturdy, quiet and long lasting. The OL’Man CTS is an aluminum climbing tree stand that possesses these features, and ready to meet your hunting needs!


This aluminum climbing tree stand keeps your mind at ease during the hunt with your safety well considered. As far as TMA standards are concerned, the OL’Man Stand meets them all.

This product doesn’t come alone; it is accompanied by a 5-point full body safety harness. The TMA approved harness is a top grade harness made in America. Once again, reassuring you of your safety.

The package also includes an instructional DVD. The DVD contains important information and instructions on how to use the product. Be sure to go through it before use.

Of all the tree stands you will come across, the OL’Man Alumalite Climbing Tree Stand is arguably the most innovative. It is made of ultra-lightweight oval tubing which is also very strong. It also features an improved cable system.

This aluminum climbing tree stand is suitable for either rifle hunting or bow hunting. The seats are super comfy, made with Ol’Mans patented ComforTech mesh seating system. It helps you relax as you wait for your prey.

This product has another amazing feature. This is the seat’s ability to easily and quietly slide out of the way when you want to shoot. This means that no matter the position you are, you can still stand and drawback.

This is a durable aluminum climbing tree stand, designed with a sturdy frame. It is guaranteed to last and serve you for a pretty long time. It is also very quiet when in use, it doesn’t squeak. It is also very easy to set up and take down, no hassles!

If you are a large sized hunter then you will enjoy this climbing tree stand. Compared to the older model OL’Man CTS, this one has an open design that’s 3 inches wider. It also has a weight carrying capacity of 300lbs.

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These are the key features and details of the OL’Man Grand Alumalite CTS, Climbing Tree Stand.

  • High strength aluminum construction
  • Open design with 3 extra inches for bigger sized hunters
  • Feather-light aluminum oval tubing with reconfigured cable system
  • Comes with 5-point full body safety harness
  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • It is certified to TMA standards
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Size dimensions of 21.8 x 9 x 38
  • This product is manufactured by Millennium Outdoors

The OL’Man Alumalite Climbing Tree Stand is an excellent choice. It is very easy to fold and unfold, as well as it is to transport and store. You can set it up a tree very fast and take it down easily.

Its oval-shaped cables allow you to put the tree stand together with ease. You could even do it with one hand! This is because the cables don’t get entangled when you pass them through the tubing.

The OL’Man CTS is a mash-up of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

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You could be at risk of being exposed to chemicals which include TDI when using this product. These chemicals are known to the state of California to cause cancer and other birth defects.

Be sure to go through the user manual for safety precautions and more information.


We advise you practice with this product about 6-10 complete set-up and take-down times before you go on a hunt.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The OL’Man Grand Alumalite CTS Climbing Tree Stand

Before you make your purchase, we would like to outline some of the pros and cons of using this product. Here they are –

The Pros

  • This climbing tree stand is very easy to carry. All thanks to its lightweight
  • It doesn’t make noise when in use, it is very quiet. This is a great feature because your prey won’t be alerted due to noise
  • It is very sturdy. It gives the user a confident feeling of security when climbing or standing
  • The OL’Man Grand Alumalite Climbing Tree Stand is very wide. Larger sized hunters can use this product Hanks to its extra space
  • It arguably has the best cable system in the market
  • The Grand Alumalite doesn’t have sharp edges. This means it won’t leave scratches on your gun or bow. It also means it won’t leave marks on your body
  • It is very comfortable, thanks to the ComforTech mesh seats. It also comes with rifle and leg attachments
  • Unlike many other climbing tree stands, the OL’Man Alumalite packs up quietly and fast
  • The OL’Man Grand Alumalite CTS Climbing Tree Stand comes with a full body safety harness

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Now let’s take a look at some of the customer complaints and disadvantages of using this product.

Customer Complaints

  • A few customers have complained about how their packages arrived with some of the contents missing. This could be from the retailer or manufacturer. Ask for a replacement if you are in this situation
  • Some customers have complained that the welds had cracks in them. This could possibly be from shipping
  • A few users have also complained that the padding of the Grand Alumalite was not camoed as advertised


  • The Grand Alumalite CTS is larger the previous model so takes up more space
  • Because of its width, it may not be suitable for smaller trees
  • Being that it is a wide climbing tree stand, it should be expected to hold heavier weights than 300lbs. We were hoping for a 500lbs weight capacity

Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand

With all put into perspective, we can say that the OL’Man Grand Alumalite CTS Climbing Tree Stand is a top grade product. This aluminum climbing tree stand is a great buy!

It’s sturdy, light and will last long. Happy hunting!


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